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Intelligent Discourse

Iron Sharpens Iron

Quality Discourse
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As a result of seeing so much debate being unmoderated and decentralized, I decided that a community which would allow anyone to post whatever they wanted regarding religion would be good. All religions are open for discussion. Here, the rules are simple:

1. Post whatever you wish. If I judge a posting to be unnecessarily inflammatory, I will remove it at my own discretion.

2. When you post, be prepared to receive comments from people who disagree. Be open minded.

3. Feel free to comment with your opinion. To maintain the integrity of the community, please use some base of reasoning (the Bible is a good place to begin).

4. Anonymous commentators are discouraged, and all anonymous comments will be screened for content.

5. Do not be purposefully hateful, mean, or inflammatory.

**some guidelines delineated along the way**

I realize that everything is a debate, and I know that saying OMG. XIANS SUxxxoRs would start a comment deluge. However, I am not really attempting to have a community full of comments. Rather, this community, in my creation, is to have two main purposes:
1. An exercise in debate.
2. A forum where interested people can learn about religion, that of themselves and that of others.